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Prayer. Discernment. Sisterhood.

Avow is a small discussion group for young women who want to make the journey of discernment together.

Our goal is simple: to help women draw closer to Jesus as they discern a possible vocation to religious life. We use the tried-and-true model of “discernment groups” because they work. When women learn together, pray together, and support each other, it’s much easier to discern with clarity.

AVOW at St. Brendan Church,
4475 Dublin Road, Hilliard

Led by Dominican Sisters (but discerning among all of the religious orders).

The group meets on the first Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm.
Contact the Vocations Office,

if you are interested.

AVOW at St. Francis de Sales Church,
40 E Granville Street, Newark
Led by Molly Loy, Director, Youth Ministries

The group meets on the third or fourth Wednesday of each month.

November 16
December 21
January 18, 2023

Ladies are invited to attend the 6:30pm mass in the church and then walk downstairs to the Mary room for the meeting. Food and books are provided.

Please register at or email for more information.

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