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Adoration and the Rosary


These two prayer forms are consistently cited by over 70% of newly ordained as being instrumental in their discernment.


Easy Ways to Promote

  • Encourage and offer times of Adoration as well as opportunities for communal praying of the rosary. This helps create a parish culture of prayer through which vocations are more likely to be discerned.


For Vocation-specific Rosary ideas check out Serra Club’s “Rosaries for Vocations”

For Vocation-specific Adoration ideas, check out Serra Club’s “Holy Hours for Vocations”

Then prayerfully consider who in your parish you think should consider the priesthood, give them a copy, and tell them why you think they should consider the priesthood.  If you do that you are already accomplishing two of the top three most effective means to vocation promotion:  Individual invitation and Eucharistic Adoration

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